Here at The Perfect Cup, we specialise in coffees that grow between 4,000 and 6,000 feet, which aren't chemically treated, have lower caffeine levels and are preservative free.

Simply the Best

Specialty coffee distinguishes itself first and foremost by the quality of the raw material. The term "specialty coffee" also denotes a greater level of attention paid to the processing and roasting than is normally associated with cheaper or instant coffee.

The Perfect Cup roasts, grinds and sells only specialty-grade arabica beans. To narrow the field, only 10 percent of arabicas can legitimately be called specialty coffee; and only 1 or 2 percent of those qualify as superlative representatives of their growing regions, or grands crus ("great growths").

Grands crus beans provide the pinnacle flavours and aromas we coffee lovers are looking for, and when we talk about taste in the cup, these are the coffees to which we refer. The perfect balance of factors, including plant pedigree, altitude, microclimate and cultivation, provide a stunning taste reward. We encourage you to seek out and sample these magnificent coffees.

The Master Roaster

The Master Roaster "The best coffee, I believe, comes from beans grown at high altitude in semi-tropical climates such as South America and are graded AA or grade one. Next is A grade, AB grade, X grade and Y grade.

"These grades relate to arabica, or mountain grown coffee. Coffee grown on plains is called robusta. Robusta coffee receives full sun and matures very quickly, so the flavour is quite robust - hence the name.

"Check out the grade, and the blend or origin of the beans, written on the packaging to determine what you want from your coffee."